May 7, 2007

Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury

It's official, he will play the role! I think its a great choice, I just hope Freddie's is portrayed well and he gets the honor and respect he deserves when the film comes out!


Bruce said...

I think this is a huge mistake and an insult to Freddie's memory to have this no talent hack play him. Just because he looks a little bit like him is the only reason he got this role, IMO.
I've been told on more than one occasion that I look a little like Clapton. That, and the fact that I can play air guitar doesn't mean I can play him in a movie.

David Amulet said...

I can't think of anyone better, and I don't have a good sense of Cohen's range as an actor. He may be great--all I've seen is fake reporter-type characters.

-- david

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Bruce, Sacha is only well known here in the States as Borat, in Europe he's a well known and highly respected actor. Borat is not portraying Freddy, Sacha is, I think we need to give him a chance. They would not choose him if he was a two-bit actor. He actually beat out Johnny Depp for the role.

David, Yep, that's the point I was trying to make to Bruce.

Oh and, Bruce - I do know how you feel, that's kind of how I felt when they chose Val Kilmer to play Jim Morrison - just cause he looked the part - but he did a GREAT job!

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