May 25, 2007

Hands Across Amercia!

I didn't know that today was the 21st anniversary of this event until I made a visit to Becky's blog "The Pop Eye". Go check it out for some GREAT photos that will surely make you smile at the remembrance of the hairstyles and clothing of 1986! I tried to find my "Hand Across America" t-shirt but I think I recall using it to wash the car about 5 years ago....dang it, I hate it when I use memorabilia to wash the car.

Do any of you remember it, or better yet, participate???

I went with my brother, his wife, my sister, her best friend and my dog.

We had a cooler of beer because back then it just seemed "okay" to drink and drive. We were designated to stand on a street called Green River Drive in Corona, CA. It faced the Riverside/90 Fwy. so we had a constant flow of "audience" driving by and cheering us on.

I have to admit, there was something special about it. Standing there holding hands there were radios all turned to the same station, at we all sang "We are the World" together (even though that was not the official song - it was just so much more fun to sing!)

I wish I had photos, but Becky does so stop and check her out in her 80's attire! I know I had on the official t-shirt and everyone else in my group was wearing a concert, T. I think we represented Ozzy, The Stones, Def Lepard and Van Halen :)


Bruce said...

I remember it, but didn't participate. I've never been politically motivated enough to take part in anything like that. I guess I have my own version of the Monroe Doctrine...

Erin (a.k.a. Lily) said...

Oh oh, OMG! I SO did that. It's funny I didn't even know about the anniversary but a friend and I were just talking about it this morning.

I stood in Waterfront Park here in Portland. I was still in high school and REALLY thought it was something special.

Man our kids would think we are so weird!

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Bruce, it was for a great cause, but I have to admit back then I was more into the party aspect than helping the poor. I'm glad my priorities have changed.

Erin - too funny!!! Yeah, my kid does think I'm weird. Prepare yourself for the day when your kids are teens and no matter how COOL you are to them you'll be "weird".

BeckEye said...

I totally missed this post! I think I've been checking your other site more frequently and neglecting this one. Sorry. :(

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