May 28, 2007


I have a new FAVORITE Band. These guys are good. I've been listening to them for months and am finally getting around to writing about them. Obviously they aren't "Classic Rock" but they have class, talent and passion.

I really enjoyed reading their BIO here. These guys play at Border's AND open for bands like Aerosmith. They classify their music as rock/pop/alternative. I classify it as DAMN GOOD because I can't stop listening to it.

The lyrics either deeply touch me or make me smile. They write about things we can all relate to, loneliness, relationships, anger, frustration. Don's voice reminds me of dark chocolate - smooth and rich.

The melodies area alluring and draw you in to really feel the mood of the song. Mostly on the mellow side of rock, I get the feeling these guys could cut loose and really jam when they want to (I hope they do a bit more of that on their next recording). I love the catchy, story-telling tunes, I kinda sink right into each song. You can tell they've mastered not only their individual instruments, but the art of being tight as a band.

I'm pretty excited that they'll be in my area in June & July, I'm all over it. Oh, and for the females in their audience - they are hot to look at too, an added bonus, but you know me, I never notice stuff like that.

Check them out and let me know what you think. I know some of you head bangers aren't into this type of music, but I bet you know someone who will like them. You can buy their music on-line or in stores.

I love what is says on their myspace page:

If the Beatles and Weezer had an affair (sorry Yoko) and abandoned their love child for the wolves at New Yorks CBGB (pre-bankruptcy), MiGGs would be the bastard child. Blending musical genres like an iPod hopped up on steroids, MiGGs moves from alt/rock and emo to pop and classic melodic rock with grace and ease. Heartfelt lyrics, memorable live shows, catchy hooks, and vocal harmonies captivate listeners anywhere, anytime whether its opening for Aerosmith and Lifehouse or creating acoustic magic in an intimate venue. No desire to be pop whores and not to be lost in the abyss of todays disposable entertainment, MiGGs is for real ROCK.


Jeff said...

That is one hell of a creative description of the band on their MySpace, lol.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Jeff, yeah that made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

just to be mentioned here was cool of you. thank you

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