May 31, 2007

Vibe Tribe - and friends

Brad Fox – lead vocals, bass guitar
• Michael Staggs – lead guitar, back-up vocals
• Rick Elliott – drums, back-up vocals

Last night I met a need I've had for months -
I fed my soul with
rock and roll!

There is NOTHING like listening to and watching a talented band perform. I had an incredible evening filled with great music.

These guys totally rocked. They are all accomplished musicians that have toured and recorded with some great bands (
Otis Rush, Walter Trout, Blue Oyster Cult, Loggins & Messina, Mahogany Rush, Grand Funk Railroad, and Eric Burdon, and others).

They cover rock, blues, funk, name it. I had three requests and they played them all (I was actually embarrassed that I requested Springsteen - but they pulled out a good one of his that fit in with their set "Cover Me").

Check out there myspace and webpage. If you live in So. Cal. you must check them out! They had an "open mic" night and several other musicians showed up to jam with them - this one guy on guitar, Tim Tewel, was very impressive.

There was some hot talent on that stage last night, plus, they were super nice guys. I showed up alone but they sat at my table so I got to hang with the band instead of sitting there by myself, it made a huge difference in my night!

Well, I know what I am going to do every Wed. night from now on!
Of course getting 4.5 hours of sleep will probably hit me later, but for now I am listening to CCR and smiling!


Bruce said...

I haven't heard the name Mahogany Rush in a very long time. I always thought that Frank Marino was very underrated as a guitar player. I have an LP of theirs somewhere around here. Too bad I don't have a turntable.
Dunno if you checked out my place yet, but I posted about Iron Butterfly playing a benefit concert at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim in a few weeks. Is that anywhere near you?

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Bruce, this band that I just wrote about it going to play at that very same concert...did you know that? I need to go. Geez - Iron Butterfly, wow, In A Gadda Da Vida!

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