May 6, 2007

20 Best Songs of 1970

Typically I only post when I am in the mood or something newsworthy happens, but I am going to try something some of you do and have a theme that I do once a week (for awhile).

So this is the first installment of:

My Favorite Songs From ________

I will start with 1970 go chronologically through 1980.
It's incredibly difficult to pick only ten top songs from a decade, so I picked 20.
Please feel free to leave SOME or ALL of your faves from 1970 in the comments.

(yes I know, many of you were not even born yet (Jeff), but I know you still appreciate the tunes). there's a video at the bottom of this list - I listened to his all records over and over till they wore out.

These are not in any order, just how I thought of them:

1. Layla Derek And The Dominos

2. Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon and Garfunkel

3. Let It Be Beatles

4. Lola Kinks

5. All Right Now Free

6. Black Magic Woman Santana

7. Maybe I'm Amazed Paul McCartney

8. American Woman Guess Who

9. The Long and Winding Road Beatles

10. Have You Ever Seen the Rain CCR

11. Moondance Van Morrison

12. Truckin' Grateful Dead

13. Roadhouse Blues Doors

14. If You Could Read My Mind Gordon Lightfoot

15. Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin

16. Lucky Man Emerson, Lake and Palmer

17. Wild World Cat Stevens

18. What Is Life George Harrison

19. After Midnight Eric Clapton

20. Green-Eyed Lady Sugarloaf


David Amulet said...

That's one hell of a list--1970s was truly a great year! I'd also want to add songs like:

Black Sabbath, "Paranoid"
The Who, "See Me, Feel Me"
Genesis, "The Knife"
King Crimson's single "Cat Food" from In the Wake of Poseidon

FYI, I've finally admitted the obvious and moved your stie up from my main blogroll to the "Blogs i Read Consistently" list.

-- david

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed~Check out my blog sometime,I think you might like it. {It's a new blog but I'll be adding more soon}!

I'll be back!!

She's Funky

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

David - I've hit the big time!!! Thanks!

Hey Funky,
I'll head right over there, welcome!

donnav said...

Great list!! I love the music from the 70's!!
Like David I would add Black Sabbath ...anything from the Paranoid album but would probably pick War Pigs as a favorite.
I would add Frankenstein too by the Edgar Winters Group.

rock_of_ages said...

Some good stuff on there - I've just had a quick look thru some charts of the 1970s and I'd have to add...

Kinks - Victoria
Status Quo - Down The Dustpipe or In My Chair
Edwin Starr - War

as great songs from 1970 and if Immigrant Song is in there I'd have to add Gallows Pole and Since I've Been Loving You as well!

Great to see Maybe I'm Amazed in there too. One of McCartney finest ballads ever and it's criminal this didn't get a single release until '76.

I look forward to the next years post and will be adding this site to my blogroll!


Beth said...


No QUeen??

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

DonnaV, good adds for sure.

Rock, I can't believe I left "since I've been been loving you" off the list. Hey I like your blog and will add it to my links!!

That was Queen's first year of recording and I guess I forgot about them...but you can certainly add them to your list :) :)

Jeff said...

Fantastic list! I think I might have to do this over on my blog as well. I just want to say I love the choice of "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" in the top ten. Such a classic song!

Bond said...

I did a "fav songs of all time" a while back... this list could have been mine

PeterH said...

What no Oye Como Va (sp?) from Santana?

All of Moondance. There are like 10 great songs on there-the title track being one of my least favorites- Into the Mystic anyone?

But Van's other 1970 album, His Band and The Street Choir, has Domino and Blue Money on it.

A little guitarist named Jimi Hendrix had a posthumous album. How about Angel or Freedom from that record?

Ball of Confusion- The Temptations getting political


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