May 14, 2007

Hey Jude - Fact or Fiction?

I've heard it said that Paul wrote this song for Julian Lennon after the divorce of his parents and the arrival of Yoko into is dad's life. The original name was "Hey Jules". Its also said that John resented this song because he saw it as a veiled statement that Paul was ready to split the Band because of issues he had with John.

Here's a video of the song. I will admit, I love/loved John and for some reason, Paul has always bugged me. I know that's ridiculous, but its true. John and George were the ones I admired, Ringo is a likeable bloke, but Paul...I never saw what the big deal was (other than the brilliant collaborations he did with John). Like it or not, they were a good team.

I know women STILL scream about how "cute" Paul is with his puppy-dog eyes and charm, but give me a long-haired, bespectacled guy with an orange bow-tie any day :)

Does anyone know the true facts on "Hey Jude"?


Bruce said...

Here's one explanation:

Jeff said...

I highly recomend seeing the documentary "The Beatles: Anthology." It basically details every inch of their lives and careers, it is 5 discs on DVD, probably the best DVD I own.

Also, I share your feelings about Paul. I always found him as being sort of arrogant in an irritating way. I know John had a sense of arrogance to him but I felt it was different than Paul's. Every time I hear him talk I feel like he thinks he's above everyone else. My favorite Beatles in order are John, George, Ringo, and then Paul.

Jeff said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to write about the song lol. From what I remember from the Anthology, Paul made it sound like John actually liked the song. I remember Paul wanting to change the lyrics up in a part of the song because he used "on your shoulder" twice and he felt that it sort of sounded like it was about a parrot being on your shoulder. John said it was his favorite line of the song and urged Paul to keep it in. Personally it is my second favorite Beatles song behind "A Day in the Life."

bob_vinyl said...

I've always heard that it was written for Julian.

I've always loved the Beatles, but both John and Paul bother me in very serious ways. Paul was very arrogant. He also seemed to be more interested in being slick and making money than John who always looked to stir the pot. For his part, John abandoned his wife and child. I have zero sympathy for this. For all the Beatles' greatness, it is miniscule next to a child. I know he tried to fix things with Julian late in his life, but it doesn't forgive what he did earlier. For my part, I like George and Ringo best as people while I have a love/hate relationship in a sense with both Paul and John. The good thing about the Beatles is that John and Paul balanced each other and that's why neither of them could achieve apart what they could together.

rock_of_ages said...

I recall reading that, as you said, it was a song written by Paul for Julian at the time John & Cynthia split.

I've also read that John loved the song and thought of it as Paul saying it was okay by him for John to partner Yoko.

Bob - you're spot here I reckon. John ensured Paul steered away in the main from the saccharine efforts his solo career often produced whilst Paul ensured John didn't get too acerbic. At least in the early/mid days - obviously this fell apart around White Album onwards and whilst both solo careers have there high point they have significant low points as well.

David Amulet said...

I've heard the same Hey Jude story.

Let's face it--John and Paul were both people. They were gifted, and they were arrogant; they were charming, and they were annoying. Each had their dose of all of these things in their own unique ways. And I think they were better songwriters together than apart becaquse they made up for each other's weaknesses.

-- david

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Bruce, thanks, I'll check that out.

Jeff, Yes - John's arrogance was totally different than Paul's, I know exactly what you mean! That DVD set sounds really good! Too funny about the parrot line!

Bob, great points. I admit I tend to overlook the things about John that I don't like because I had a very bizarre experience involving him, so I feel a connection with him. But you're right, abandoning Cynthia and Julian was LOW.

Rock, very well put about the balance thing. Wow, I am glad I brought this up, good discussion here!

David, you're such a diplomat, I was having fun dissing Paul and now I feel guilty, darn it! But seriously you are right. We are all have strengths, weaknesses and character defects.

Ummm - Celine Dion just came on my itunes, I have to hurry and change it before I lose my reputation in the office! (i like one of her songs that she sings a la Francais)

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