May 31, 2007

Ann Wilson - Solo Debut

YES! Those of you who read here know I love Ann Wilson, her voice, her presence on stage and her confidence, style and class. She just rocks. So I was pleased to find this tidbit of info over at "Classic Rock"

Heart singer Ann Wilson issues her solo debut, Hope And Glory, via Rounder Records on September 11. It features guest appearances from Elton John, KD Lang, Alison Krauss, Shawn Colvin, Rufus Wainwright and her sister Nancy Wilson.

Don't get me started on all the reasons I admire Ann....I think I've covered it on this blog in a prior post. The bottom line is she's a role model for women over 40 and for those who may not be quite as slender as society would consider "attractive". She went through some hellish years because she didn't fit the mold of the slender rock chick, but now she exudes confidence and her voice is stronger than ever. She's 57 years old and is coming out with a solo album with that sexy photo on the cover - that in itself makes a statement that some women just keep getting better with age! :)

Can't wait to get my copy to review (assuming I receive one)! Hope it shows up soon.

That reminds me....The Traveling Wilburys have a CD coming out that I will be reviewing soon, it's called
"The Traveling Wilburys Collection"


Bond said...

Looking forward to hearing her solo effort. Always been a Heart fan

David Amulet said...

I do worry a bit about the Wilburys--if it's a collection of outtakes/leftovers, it might diminish the gorup's legacy!

-- david

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Wish you could go with me this summer! As usual I have two tickets and haven't found anyone to go, by my sister loves Heart too.

David - Really??? Maybe I should have you review it for me. Why would they do that?

Bruce said...

Even though my crush was always on Nancy, I loved Ann just as much. There are few women on this Earth that can belt out the songs like she can, and this is a cd that I will most definitely get. It's hard to believe that she's 57(two years older than me), and Nancy is 53. They still seem like they're in the 20s to me. Maybe I'm refusing to let go of my youth, who knows...

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Bruce, I think it's fair to say most of the guys had a crush on Nancy - why not? There weren't that many women that could play guitar, sing and look great while doing both with talent. She looks even better now than she did back then (imo).

Your're right about Ann's voice, she can rival Robert Plant singing "Rock and Roll" and has a great vocal range and beeeeeeee-uitiful voice!

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