September 11, 2008

Upcoming Reviews:

Joe Strummer, performing at St Ann's Warehouse...Image via Wikipedia The summer was slow for music reviews but things have picked up in the last few weeks, so be looking forward to reviews on:

LOU REED’S BERLIN was directed by Academy Award® nominee* Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) and focuses on legendary front man of The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, returning to a very special moment in his solo career - a live performance of his infamous rock opera albumBerlin”. In it Reed creates a complex world around a doomed couple by weaving moody themes of drugs and depression through heavy orchestral arrangements.

B.B. King’s One Kind Favor in stores now! One Kind Favor, which was produced by T Bone Burnett, features covers of old blues songs from B.B. King’s early influences.

Josh Rouse The Rykodisc Years, a two-disc, 32-song anthology spanning seven years and includes Rouse's best songs, rare tracks plus unreleased demos and outtakes.

And the one I am looking forward to the most:

"Joe Strummer, The Future is Unwritten". I am really excited about this one. Its a DVD on Joe's life before, during and after The Clash.

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nobody's_fool said...

There is also a Rush documentary coming out later next year. The guys behind the project are Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen, who are probably best known for their "rockumentary" Metal: A Headbanger's Journey"
(if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, even if you're not a fan of metal).
The original plan was to release it late in '08, but Dunn and McFadyen decided to release the Iron Maiden doc that they were also working on first. Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

or should I call you Fool?

I HOPE I am offered that to review! If so I will send it to you if you haven't bought it for yourself. Maybe you can review it for me since you're the expert on Rush.

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