September 10, 2008


Image representing MOG as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase, source unknown Have any of you heard of this site, "MOG"?  Its a music site that I joined a few weeks ago (they emailed me and asked me to so I did...) but I have never been able to log-in and they haven't responded to my request for my password.

I don't know if its worth my time to pursue it or not so wanted to get some opinions.  It seems to be a cool site with a good concept:

Welcome to MOG, your personalized gateway for music discovery. With MOG, you can find, share, and talk about the music you’re into, from Abba to Zappa.
Whether you’re a die-hard music junkie, or just looking for inspiration for your latest party playlist, MOG is your essential online music source. Created by a passionate community of music lovers and powered by cutting edge music discovery technology, MOG makes it ridiculously easy to find new music, watch music videos, and read news and reviews that match your personal taste in music. 
Imagine if Rolling Stone or MTV had thousands of writers and producers contributing news, reviews, songs, and videos that were filtered based on what you were listening to, so you could always find the good stuff. That’s exactly what MOG is doing.
And the scene at MOG is raging. You may even rub shoulders with some of your favorite bands; Over 100 artists are currently hanging out on MOG...
Completely free, anyone can create a MOG page and browse posts, MP3s and videos by visiting
Thanks for any input you can provide!

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Jessica said...

I tried Mog last year. I stopped using it because the widget would never show up on my myspace page, or blog. I did a few g-chats with a customer service rep, but she didn't really help. I tried to get further help, but they kinda of just ignored me. I gave up. That's all I know. :)

d.edlen said...

MOG is awesome for finding SERIOUS music people. I met people from around the world who really loved music, not just what the record industry puts out as product. You can share lists of what you like and everything, I think like My computer is ancient running Windows 98SE so I can't really use either site to their full extent, but the people are cool.

I met Roger Steffens through his daughter who worked for MOG at the time:


Jeff said...

I was asked to use it as well a while back. I signed up and everything but I didn't really understand what it had to do with "my" blog which they said would benefit from it. It seemed like it's just a place to create your own blog, but I already have one so I was confused on what the ponit was. I never decided to pursue it any further than I did.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thanks for the input....I think its not for me. I am serious but (don't tell anyone I said this) I lean toward the old stuff :)

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