September 14, 2008

Joe Strummer - The Future is Unwritten DVD, Review

Joe StrummerImage via Wikipedia I just finished watching this intriguing documentary of Joe Strummer.  I thought I "knew" Joe from articles I had read and following his story and music; but there's nothing like hearing interviews with old friends and family, and in this case Joe himself as well.  Its apparent that his childhood had a huge affect on his rebellious attitude and possibly on on his sense for protecting those around him.
The history of band is interesting too.  Mick Jones (Clash guitarist) is in a lot of the interviews and shares lots of stories.  The band had a lot of ups and downs that's for sure, but most bands do.  Joe didn't like all the fame, he fought it for a long time but once he gave in - things changed.  Mick and Joe wouldn't speak to each other, they didn't trust each other.

At one point his manager told him he should go away for awhile to cause some media stir because tickets weren't selling well.  Joe decided he really would go away and not let anyone find him so it caused a real concern and his manager eventually had to hire a private detectivct. to find him.

There's lots more I could say but YOU MUST SEE THIS if you are a fan of The Clash.  I highly recommend it.

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