September 12, 2008

Free Songs

Hmm, the title of this post could be misleading, I don't have any songs for free. I got the idea of "free" songs from Jim Ladd of KLOS (LA classic rock radio).

Each Friday night Jim has a show called Theme of Consciousness where he suggests a word then the listeners come up with songs that have that word in the title and those song make up his set list for the evening. Jim is known for playing some very deep cuts that are rarely played on mainstream radio.

So, for fun, lets see what we can come up with to create our own "Free" playlist. I will start off with a couple obvious ones, it can be the word free or any word that contains free:

Free Falling, Tom Petty
Free Bird, Lynrd Skynrd
Freedom, Rage Against the Machine
Philadelphia Freedom, Elton John
Free Man in Paris, Joni Mitchell
Freewill, Rush


musicobsessive said...

Just a few more to get the list going...

I feel free - Cream
I want to be free - Queen
Rockin' in the free world - Neil Young

I'm sure their are loads more - freedom seems a popular subject in the rock world!

rock_of_ages said...

I'll add a couple to that...

Forever Free - WASP
Freedom Slaves - Tesla

drewzepmeister said...

Freedom-Jimi Hendrix

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

All these are good ones.

Drew - Freedom by JH reminds me of a short film I once saw (I was working for a film festival at the time and saw lots of them...but this one stands out):

The film had no dialouge. It showed a woman get up and go to work, a very prim proper type woman, then come home and start cleaning the house in her prim and proper clothes. She turns on some music and Freedom is playing. The rest of the film is basically her discovering "freedom" by stripping off her clothes so at the end of the song she's standing there naked with a feather duster. LOL

I don't think that film made it into the festival but it was kinda fun.

drewzepmeister said...

That must have been an interesting film to see!

Thank you for your comments on my blogging site. We (the JT Irregulars) are a bunch of bloggers who get together and blog about anything and everything under the sun. Feel free to visit anytime!

Dr. John said...

Free as a Bird - The Beatles
Free Speech for the Dumb (covered by Metallica on Garage Days, Inc. album)

David Amulet said...

Let's add a few:

Free, Prince,
I'm Free, The Who
Freedom Fries, Robert Plant
Freedom Deep, INXS

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