September 23, 2008

I dread the day Bob Dylan dies.....

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Just read a very well written, heavy, depressing and thoguht-provoking post.  Hmm, maybe that's not the best way to describe it to convince you to read it - LOL.  I'll leave you with the opening paragraph:

I'm losing faith in the American public. It's getting bad, really bad. Recently, I've found myself asking: What happened to art? What happened to culture? What happened to sophistication? Who is the next Fellini? The next Bob Dylan? The next Jack Kerouac? The next Jim Morrison? The next James Joyce? When will we wake up and realize that everything popular today will be forgotten tomorrow?

and the ending paragraph:

I dread the day Bob Dylan dies. With his death, I fear that all remnants of great music, poetry, art and history will depart as well. Dylan, rescue us; leave us with a message. You're our only hope. Who will step up to the plate when you're gone? Who has the talent, the soul, the passion, the sophistication, and longevity to bring about the next Renaissance? Will it ever come? I'm worried it might be too late.
You can decide if you want to read the whole thing here at The Weight

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d.edlen said...

Barbara, check out the comment I left over at The Weight on that post.

Maybe it'll help.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Daniel, thanks for adding some perspective...of course you are right. Art will never die. But I do see the point he was making in how easily entertained people are something seems to be lost on this generation of celebrity worship.

PATRICK said...

Barbara(aka Layla) said...
Oh My, I see someone named Patrick has a little issue he needs to deal with.

Dear Barbara,
I felt some pain reading your comments - I imagine you were RAGING over your fear, pain & shame?

Do you believe that JESUS CHRIST, died on a cross for your sins?


ROM 1:26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.

This is where you are heading
for, Barbara, if you don’t REPENT!!


Irtiza said...

these words are really thoughtful...

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Patrick, I am sorry if my words hurt you but you were ripping into a friend of mine on her blog in public.

For the record, I am not a lesbian, but some of my friends are.

I'll leave your comment even though its totally irrelevant to the conversation.

paul said...

poor patrick, lets hope he comes out of the closet soon

as far as dylan goes i think this kind of idea is really flawed; underneath these 'roock is dead' comments or 'art is dead' is another agenda 'my rock is dead', 'my generations art is dead', there has always been bubblegum pop, ingelbert humperdink was in the charts when the kinks were big. This person needs to look more closely and see that really nothing has died; why do we need a new dylan when we have so many thoughtful young bands who reject the mainstream and stanmd up for their beliefs. Take John Butler Trio, Joanne Newsom, Michael Franti, instead of dylan we have an army of politicallly inspired or truly creative artists around; you need to get out and have a look around !

Anonymous said...

Barbara(aka layla)
My opinion...I was a Dylan fan growing up with Dylan. I have followed Classic Rock since it began. I believe Dylan is rated by many young folks to be better than he was or is. Much better writer than musician. I will say the same for Hendrix. Hendrix was ahead of his time but I cannot rank him on the same level as SRV or Clapton.

Patrick, what the hell is your problem?

musicobsessive said...

Funnily enough, I've been thinking along similar lines (see my post 'The Karaoke years').
Once Dylan, the remaining Beatles and Stones are gone, the cycle of rock that strted in the 1950s and escalated in the 1960s will have come full circle.
My problem is that I cannot see where it goes from here?

Isorski said...

Are you kidding? The day Bob Dylan dies, there will be huge resurgence in popularity of his long and storied career, his catalog will shoot to number one on and tons of folks who have no clue will be prompted to check him out. A million little fires will start. I guarantee it.

MCT in Los Angeles said...

I had the honor and pleasure to listen to Bob Dylan live in the 1960's and to this day I can truthfully say, that good voice or not, his words and his honest, down to earthiness still ring true about real American's. We're still here Mr. Dylan, the old and the new, still singing your sounds in our hearts, still lovin' in with you. Sing us a song now Mr. Dylan, show us the America we knew, is not lost, or given to despair, but still has livin' to do.

Tzellofouska said...

Thanks for sharing. Dylan is my idol.

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