September 12, 2008

AC/DC Announces Tour:


Tour Kicks Off on October 28, 2008 in Wilkes-Barre, PA

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Anonymous said...

Barbara(aka Layla):
The last comment I made to you had to do with blogging. You told me to email you and you would be glad to answer questions concerning Blogger. Or to drop them here. You also said you had a few links which you would look for and post them here which would be of help in starting a blog.
Question: Is Blogger HTML driven or does it use XHTML and also CSS?
I know some code, have done a few websites. I noticed on one of your blogs, a friend sent you a URL and said "here it is, I do not know how to link to it".
I looked at her blog and it looked very good. Would you say that many folks who have Blogger blogs do not know HTML, XHTML and CSS?
This is not the place for me to ask these questions. After reading,please delete them. If you do have a few URL's you think would be helpful, drop them here.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I had it on my list to write you back but its been a crazy week.

Here is my email if you want to write me there:
(I get a lot of mail so please make sure I can tell its you in the subject line!)

The old Blogger used HTML exclusively but the newer version uses XHTML. I would say bloggers vary the full spectrum as far as experience so its not surprising that some don't even know what HTML is and others have built websites in their sleep :)

I personally know some HTML and some CSS but find Blogger so easy to use anyone can do it.

Here are the sites that may be helpful to you, although you seem to know what you're doing!

these are just two of many out there you can learn a lot from going to "Help" on the Blogger site.

Anonymous said...

Barbara(aka Layla)
Thanks for the info. You can delete these now if you wish. I may email you. I should not have mucked up your "Very Good Blog" with these comments.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Anon, I don't mind at all you didn't muck up my blog, I like helping when I can (don't know how much help I was!)

The only kind of comments I don't like are one's that are intended to be mean and hurtful to myself or someone else here. Those are not welcome. said...

Seeing AC/DC in concert is a great treat for me. Their live music is just as loud and tight as their albums. Some bands sound bad live, but AC/DC in concert kicks some serious butt! I've got my tickets already and found their tour info here and it's a pretty big tour, so don't miss your chance to catch them.

Anonymous said...

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