October 31, 2007

Springsteen Concert, Los Angeles Sports Arena, Oct. 30


For those of you who want to know the set list, here it is. If you can't read Bruce's handwriting see below :)
October 30, 2007
Los Angeles, California
Sports Arena

Radio Nowhere { lyrics } { video clip }

The Ties That Bind { lyrics }
Lonesome Day { lyrics }
Gypsy Biker { lyrics }
Magic { lyrics }
Reason To Believe { lyrics }
Night { lyrics }
She's The One { lyrics }
Livin' In The Future { lyrics }
The Promised Land { lyrics }
Town Called Heartbreak
Tunnel Of Love { lyrics }
Working On The Highway { lyrics }
Devil's Arcade { lyrics }
The Rising { lyrics }
Last To Die { lyrics }
Long Walk Home { lyrics }
Badlands { lyrics }

Girls In Their Summer Clothes { lyrics }
Kitty's Back { lyrics } Tour Premiere
Born To Run { lyrics }
Dancing In The Dark { lyrics }
American Land { lyrics }

I send a bunch of video posts but they did not turn out. I'll have to write more later....very tired.

The show was great, of course. He pulled out a few suprise songs. The man has more passion and energy than you can believe unless you experience it.

Music critics can criticize all they want, they look for things to pick apart. There was nothing negative to say about this show. It was not his standard 3 hours, he didn't talk to the crowd as much as he has on some occasions, the band intro was not as dramatic as usual....but the music, the songs, the powerful force of pure rock and roll permeated the night and drenched us with unadulterated get down rockin. It was a blast.

Going to bed now....Radio Nowhere blaring in my ears....I miss Bruce already, hope he can pull a few more outstanding recordings out himself, I'd hate to say goodbye to nights like tonight!

OH, He pulled out some of his old bluesy songs last night too. They ripped on this song:


Anonymous said...

Man, I would love to see Bruce.
Jim Baldwin


David Amulet said...

Congrats--I'm sure this was great for you!!

-- david

chez béziat said...

Congrats on your wonderful evening. I've only seen him once, but what an awesome occasion it was.

bob_vinyl said...

I think you could say something negative about the ticket price! :)

Bond said...

So glad you had a great time...I need to see him again before he fades away....especially with the E-Street band...

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Hey Jim, thanks for stopping by, you really should try to see at least once live Springsteen show in your lifetime, its more than just a concert.

David - long time no see! And look you decorated your avatar for Halloween (ha).

Chez, Thank you so much!

Bob, it was worth every penny but, yes, the principal of the matter still irks me.

Bond, sweetie, he ain't gonna fade away ever. He may slow down a bit, and even I admit he has slowed down a little, He's gone from 125 mph to about 80 mph on stage. You HAVE to see him. I'll start a fund for all my friends to be able to see him together, that would be INSANE

Bond said...

Saw him at the Meadowlands and at the Continental Arena (at the Meadowlands) ..not sure his shows are any hotter in NJ...but man he was hot...

SO..how did you get a set list in HIS handwriting???????

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Bond, I walked up to the stage and asked him for it ;)

(okay, I can see you don't buy that - its on his official site, springsteen.net)

donnav said...

Hey...this is awesome!! I didn't know you had gotten tickets!!! How did I miss that????

I'm SO glad you got to go!!!!

The Mad Hatter said...

Not into Springsteen myself, but my mother just went and saw him at Madison Square Garden a few weeks back for the umpteenth time. Her words: "There's nothing like Bruce. Nothing."

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