October 14, 2007

Name the Guitarist::


Malcolm: said...

Great quiz Barbara! Here are my answers:

1. James Hetfield
2. John Lee Hooker
3. Jeff Beck?
4. Randy Rhoads?
5. Dave "The Edge" Evans
6. Duane Allman?
7. ?

Bond said...

1. hetfield
2. hooker
3. ron wood
4. ?
5. edge
6. derek trucks
7. ?

David Amulet said...

It's a trick. They are all my alter egos.

-- david

BeckEye said...

Is that last guy Edgar Winter?

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

1. James Hetfiled
2. John Lee Hooker
3. Jeff Beck
4. Mick Ronson
5. The Edge
6. Derek Trucks
7. Alex Lifeson

These were not easy, you guys did good!!

David, I know its not really you but your evil twin who left the message.

Rocktube said...

the edge? parecía john strummer,
nice blog

quieres ver el mio

un saludo desde españa

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