October 11, 2007

American Music Awards - Questions for You

AMA made their nominee annoucnement today. I say: big whoop. The music that I have always loved is rarely featured on any awards show. So here's a question for you:'

Imagine one of your favorite Classic Rock bands...if you were in that band, which music award (Grammy, AMA, Oscar for best Song, Etc.) would you feel honored in receiving?

Do you think there should be an award given for rock music? If so, who would you want to be the judges:

a) Other musicians
b) The fans
c) An appointed jury with various types of "experts" on music
d) other (your idea)


bob_vinyl said...

The idea of awards for rock music is absurd. The next thing you know they'll have a hall of fame.

Seriously, it shouldn't be a competition and it shouldn't be about putting the artists on a pedestal. It's about the music and we're just as important a part of that. After all, what is art without the people who interpret it and are affected by it? There are no (and should be no) awards for fans. Likewise, there shouldn't be awards for artists.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Darn, Bob, I was hoping to WIN an award for being a loyal Springsteen fan or something.

Seriously - I get your point but I do think there is a time and place for recognition. Perhaps for a musical artist it comes in the form of how many records sold, how many sell out nights of a concert? I don't know. I think it would mean a lot to me, as lets say a great guitar player, to have my peers tell me they thought I was a great guitar player.....

Malcolm: said...

The AMAs haven't been relevant to me for years. If I were in a classic rock band, I would feel honored to receive the Grammy. That's still the most prestigious award in the music biz. I just found out about the 2007 Classic Rock and Roll of Honour Awards. Here is the link:


Bruce said...

Awards of all kinds(music, sports, movies and tv, etc.) have been neutered over the years by both an infestation of award shows and the fact that the media hype that usually surrounds a finite number of candidates is out of control. As a result, the award winners are rarely the ones who deserve it.

bob_vinyl said...

I think the recognition comes when the band and the fans really interact. Trophies are for sports.

Angie. said...

I agree Bob. To me music is something to share, like sharing food with your family. You don't get awards for that. It's just something you do because it's a way to get together and communicate or just have fun. It's nice to get recognition, but awards just don't seem relevant to music.

Having said that I do like to watch awards shows sometimes. They can be pretty funny, especially nowadays when shallow, no talent 'artists' receive awards for best hair or something and get up on stage and thank their entire family, their God and practically every person they've ever known for it! Amusing.

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