October 31, 2007

$30.00 to Park at Springsteen

Oh yeah, while still on the subject of the concert last night, I have a question for you:

What do you typically pay for parking at a concert in your area?

Up in Los Angeles there are a few big venues:

Staples Center
LA Collesium
LA Sports Arena
The Forum (now owned by a church)

There's not a heck of a lot of parking space for any of these spots so what happens is you have to use private park lots - and guess what? they jack up the prices on nights of big events. We passed by a $40 parking and got a closer one for $30. Still, $30 to park the car! Its maddening.

I made up for the cost of parking by spending $10 on a really cool t-shirt that I bought off a very nice young man that was hiding them under his jacket rather than paying full price ($40) inside the venue. (oh, and Pedro, the dude I bought the shirt from, did not steal his merchandise, this is common practice, to have a ton of shirts made up for the tour and sell them cheap. The only illegal part of it is that he did not have a license to sell retail. But hey, no one's perfect and plus, my shirt is UNIQUE).


bob_vinyl said...

I usually don't pay anything, but I did hve to pay $10 at the last show I saw. When I went to Virgin Fest over the summer, I took public transportation (subway) and then there was a shuttle that cost maybe $3 or something. It was all pretty reasonable.

Mike said...

$3 for the crowes
free for the Mule

Enjoy the 2 washes you get out of that $10 shirt! :-)

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Mike, not to prove you wrong or anything....but I have bought MANY $10 shirts over the years and they are all just fine today :)

Hey Bob, you are lucky. We don't have public transportation here, at least not where I live. But you did give me a good idea for next time....

The Mad Hatter said...

I was at the Meadowlands a couple of months ago at The Police concert and paid $20. They were selling T-shirts and hoodies for $40. For the $250 I paid for the ticket (I know, I know - but I was on the floor, right up front!), you would figure they would give us a T-shirt, or a beer.

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