October 3, 2007

The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack

I think I mentioned recently that I read Nikki Sixx's book, The Heroin Diaries. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stare into ugly face of addiction. It's not for the easily offended.

I admire Nikki for coming back from "death" and making his life something meaningful. The soundtrack to this book is interesting. I haven't listened to it all yet, but there's some intensely emotional lyrics. As someone who's familiar with addiction, traumatic childhood issues and serious depression - I can appreciate it very much. These songs are like a purging of his emotions, very raw, compelling. I can't stop listening to it, even though its disturbing...He reads portions of the book.

Note to fathers: You matter so much to your kids, don't ever underestimate how important it is for you to be involved in your kids lives.

The proceeds to this CD and his book go to Covenant House - an org. that helps street kids.

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chez béz said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been looking forward to The Heroin Diaries and will check it out soon.

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