October 8, 2007

Our Mates Down Under

(this post title has the potential for being misinterpreted...so please read on)

HT to Bob Vinyl for pointing out this excellent article out of the Sydney Morning Herald. If I , a bit more energy and a lot more time I could easily see myself starting some kind of similar protest against TICKET SCALPERS. I ranted on my other blog about it. Apparently its an international problem but some Aussies are taking a stand and I applaud them. Hopefully it will be successful and we can do the same thing here.

This is so similar to what happens to me every time I want to see one of my favorite bands:

Melbourne university student Carl Hirst is one of many who has been
rallying eBay users to fight back against scalpers since tickets to the Sydney
and Melbourne concerts of Rage Against The Machine sold out within seconds after
going on sale at 9am last Thursday.
Within an hour, general admission floor
tickets, which had a face value of $111.70, were selling on eBay for over five
times that amount.

So, to Carl and the others I say "Good on you, mate! Don't give up!"

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taotechuck said...

Wouldn't that be a trip if Disney and Hannah Montana lead to fixing this ridiculous problem? From CNN

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