August 30, 2008

Will Republican Harley Riders Accept Democratic Bruce Springsteen?

V-Rod on the show room floorImage via Wikipedia Read about the somewhat controversial choice of Bruce Springsteen headlining the upcoming Harley Davidson gathering here at Real Rock News. I was going to write about it myself but he says it so well.

The nutshell version: Bruce is playing at a huge event celebrating Harley Davidson's 105th year. Bruce is known to vocalize his Democratic political thoughts during a show and the Harley crowd seems to lean toward the Republican party.

I wonder: Will Bruce make his typical comments or not?

If he does: Will there be real "boo-ing" instead or "Bruuuuuce-ing"?**

for those of you unfortunate enough to have NOT seen Bruce in concert, when the crowed yells "BRUCE!" it is often mistaken for "BOOOOO!" by firstimers....
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1 comment:

Starrlight said...

Who boo's The Boss?!

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