August 24, 2008

Top Five Rock Voices

Who are your ten favorite "voices" in music any genre?

Who do you think are the top five most talented voices in rock music (if its different than above).

I need to think about this, but so far I have:

1) David Bowie
2) Jeff Buckley
3) Jonny Lang
4) Greg Lake
5) Annie Lennox
6) Gregg Allman
8) Robert Plant
9) Jim Morrison
10) Bono

1) Robert Plant
2) Roger Daltrey
3) Freddie Mercury
4) Paul Rodgers
5) David Lee Roth

Honorable Mention: Ann Wilson (wish there were more females on my list, but I have to remain honest)


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth
You folks are either so much younger than I, or I am so much older than you :).Just off the top of my head...
Female Vocalists:
-Janis Joplin
-Stevie Nicks
-Carole King
-Bonnie Raitt
-Maria Muldaur
(not so much rock but blues and I thought when she was young she was very good)I have her vinyl album "Waitress in a Donut Shop".

I would also disagree with some of your top picks for Male vocalists.

nobody's_fool said...

Anita Baker
Lou Rawls
Marvin Gaye
Tom Sullivan(who sang the greatest version of the National Anthem ever at Super Bowl X)
Christina Aguilera

I don't consider Jonny Lang and the late Jeff Healey to be rockers per se; they're more blues artists, but I'd throw them on any rock list, along with Ronnie James Dio, Pat Benatar, and probably Ann Wilson.

paul said...

good choices so far; especially ronnie james dio, best metal-ish any way and Paul Rodgers, Ann Wilson, Robert Plant in Unledded singing Kashmir with arabic musicians in one of my alltime favourite vocal performaces, plus the Amazing Grace album by Aretha Franklin, yes Janis doing Summertime, and Joe Cocker at Woodstock doing With a Little Help From My Friends


bob_vinyl said...

Your list is missing my #1 and #2: Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin.

Bond said...

Greg Allman
Howlin Wolf
Marvin Gaye
Stevie Wonder
Taj Mahal
Frank Sinatra
Freddy Mercury
Stevie Nicks
Robert Plant

TOP 5 Rock are included in the above...

David Amulet said...

My favorites (the only ones I'll list, all else is subjectivity masked as objectivity) in rough order:

Peter Gabriel
Freddie Mercury
Roy Orbison
Bruce Dickinson
Greg Lake
Maynard James Keenan
Rob Halford
Roger Daltrey
Jim Morrison
David Bowie
Ronnie James Dio

d.edlen said...

Nina Simone
Jeff Buckley
Shannon Hoon
Janis Joplin
John Lennon
Peter Gabriel
Amy Winehouse
Richard Ashcroft
Kurt Cobain
Bill Withers

I wanna keep going!

musicobsessive said...

I think you're doing the women down a little...

Elkie Brooks
Jenny Haan
Grace Slick
Pat Benatar
Maggie Bell
plus the rest that others have mentioned.

Starrlight said...

Best I won't do since it is so subjective. My favorites:

Billie Holiday
Ray Charles
Johnny Cash
Freddie Mercurie
Sarah MacLachlan
Richard Ashcroft
Ian Curtis
John Lennon

curious servant said...

Here are my favorite voices... though might disagree if they are rock...

Roy Orbison
Janis Joplin
Charlotte Church
Blind Willie Johnson
Johnny Cash

And runners up:
Joni Mitchell
Ray Charles
Bonnie Raitt
Nat King Cole

Wonder Boy said...

10 Faves

Frank Sinatra
James Taylor
Linda Ronstadt
Roy Orbison
Aaron Neville
John Lennon
Eddie Vedder
Jim Morrison
Jackson Browne

5 rockers

Paul Rogers
Roger Daltry
Jim Morrison
Greg Lake
Robert Plant

I had to weigh in on this...thinking about some of these voices made me smile. I could list at least a dozen more of each.

Shooting Star said...

My favourite one is Axl Rose.

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