August 25, 2008

The End of a Great Tour

Bruce Springsteen - Barcelona - 19·07·08Image by Bisharron via Flickr Last night was the last performance from Bruce and the E Street Band on the Magic Tour. Wow. From the sounds of this review it was a show that will go down in history.

I saw the show on 10/20/07 and again on 4/7/98. Both times were great, but the show in April was by far better.

Its kind of sad that its can only hope that another there's a few more left to come.
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nobody's_fool said...

The St. Louis show on Saturday night was almost canceled last minute, because Clarence Clemons' back went out on him. A doctor was called in and got him well enough to perform, though.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Nobody's, I had not heard that! WOW, I am so glad he was able to perform, it would have not been the same without him. I just hope he didn't overdo it and make himself worse....That man needs some R&R!

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