August 11, 2008


Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band l...Image via WikipediaBruce Springsteen may perform at the Super Bowl this year!  I saw it hear first, Real Rock News

The question is:

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? 

The only way it can be a bad thing is if the people that know I LOVE BRUCE decide to watch and then have the audacity to make even a slightly negative comment like "yeah, he's ok" I will have to kick some serious ass.
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Bruce said...

It's been confirmed. I haven't watched the Super Bowl since 1985 though, so I won't see him play.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

BRUCE O! You have to watch it this year just for me..just the halftime, pretty please!!! I will annoy you until you agree :)

chez béziat said...

I heard it here first. I love news that makes me smile.

Malcolm said...

After this year's Super Bowl, I was trying to think of major acts that would be worthy of doing the halftime show but hadn't yet. I can't remember if I came up with Bruce, but he fits the bill.

Bond said...

I saw this earlier this morning.

Nice they chose him this year.

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