August 31, 2008

Dude Looks Like a Lady....An Aersosmith Quiz

I've been listening to Aerosmith, so decided so decided to put together a little quiz about them. Some of these questions are easy, some may not be. Please don't be tempted to cheat! Maybe I'll come up with some groovy prize for the winner :)

Please email me your answers by Friday and I will post the winner next weekend, email:

1. What city are they from? (1 point)  Boston

2. What year did they record their first album? (2 points)1973

3. What was the first album that got them well known? (3 points)Toys in the Attic

4. Two band members left the band between 1980 - 1984, which ones left and why? (4 points for the names, 1 point for the reason) Joe Perry and Brad Whitford left for "drug addictions and internal conflicts)

5. What was the title of their 1979 album, hint: its a clever play on words. (1 point) Night in the Ruts

6. Name three of their albums before 1985, and three from after. (10 points)
Get your Wings
Toys in the Attic
Done With Mirrors
Permanent Vacation

7. Which one of these three songs reached the highest level on the "charts":
Dream On, Walk This Way, Janie's Got a Gun, Ragdoll, Jaded, Sweet Emotion, Crazy (4 points)

8. Every member of the band went through drug rehab: true of false. (1 point)

9. Which Aerosmith song did Run DMC record? (2 points)Walk This Way

10. Name all five band members. (5 points)
Steven Tyler-vocals
Joe Perry-guitars
Brad Whitford-guitar
Tom Hamilton-bass
 Joey Kramer-drums
11. Aside from "Come Together" what Beatles song did they record? (10 points)  I apologize, I must have been dreaming on cause I don't know the answer to this or if there is an answer!)

13. What song is rumored to be about "a promiscuous cheerleader who leads a schoolboy through his first sexual experience"? (3 points)Walk This Way

14. What poplular TV Show did they make a guest appearance in? (3 points)The Simpsons

15. Which actress found fame after starring in a few Aerosmith videos?Alicia Silverstone

16. Which Aerosmith song did Guns & Roses cover in 1992? (5 points)Mama Kin

17. Fill in the blanks for these titles (1 point each):
Last Child

Just Push Play

Adam's Apple

The Other Side

What  it Takes

18. Aerosmith officially has two lead guitar players, the are Joe Perry and Brad Whitford . (4 points)

19. They have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, yes or no. (2 points)

20. Put these songs in chronological order (10 points if you get them all right):

Back in the Saddle
Come Together
Dream On
Dude Looks Like a Lady
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Janie's Got a Gun
Last Child
Love in an Elevator
Walk This Way

1Dream On
2Last Child
3Walk This Way
4Back in the Saddle
5Come Together
6Dude Looks Like a Lady
7Love in an Elevator

8Janie's Got a Gun
13I Don't Want to Miss a Thing


Jessica said...

OMG- Awesome quiz. I love Aerosmith, and you have put together the best quiz! I'm going to try it later if I get a chance! :)

The Mad Hatter said...

I'm not trying to bum out your quiz, or any prospective quiz-takers but, uh, Aerosmith kinda sucks. I mean, all the answers are: glorified bar band undeserving of all rock kudos who made a career of being a worse version of the Stones (swagger and strut, big lips, repetitive tunes) who hailed from Bah-ston -- who house the Red Sawx, by the way, my eternal enemies.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Jess, my sister said the questions are too don't feel bad if you don't know too many. But then again maybe you will know them all if you're a big fan :)

Mad, awww don't let your dislike of the Red Sox taint your view of Steven and the guys! If they really are just pretending to be the American Stones, they did a damn good job of it. I don't consider their music "important" by any means - but I do find it FUN and entertaining. Not everyone can be Led Zepp, Bruce or U2 ;)

digitaldrummer said...

Cool quiz, I'll give it a go.

I don't think the questions are too difficult. Besides, someone has already blabbered out one answer.

Maybe the songs in their chronological order, that could be tough. You have my curiosity on a few of these questions.

Shanoon Hoon said...

Aerosmith covers also "I'm Down" beatle's track. :)

... And also you can hear a bit of Hey Jude on A Little South Of Sanity (live disc) but just Steven singing a Capella

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