August 1, 2008

U2's Timing Could Not Be Better!

As Bruce winds down one of the best tours ever, I have been feeling a bit blue. Magic was awesome. The music, the show, the reviews. Bruce proved that he still has the creative talent, the energy and that passion at age 58 that he had at 48, 38 and 28. I can only hope and pray another recording and tour comes around in the next year or two. I am surprised at how sad I feel that this year of The Boss is coming to an end.

(Pete you better keep writing your blog! Gina, I know you will, sister!).

Perhaps the melancholy feeling is related to the fact that, like the rest of us, Bruce is getting older, he'll be 59 next month. He says he will never stop doing what he does, but nothing lasts forever, and the loss of Danny this year was a grim reminder of that. Very few things in life get me as excited as a concert by Bruce.

Ok, now for the real reason of this post!

When I scanned my blog roll this mornning, there it was, the news I'd been waiting to hear for over a year!

New U2 Release in NOVEMBER

November!!!! I can barely stand it. Will it be good? Great? Off the charts incredible? When will the tour start? How many shows in LA? Will I be offered a pre-release copy of it to review and get to hear it before November? My mind is reeling.

The timing could not be better, its as if Bono and the boys knew I needed this to get me through the post Bruce Tour blues.

(I can see some of my readers cringing as they realize that this blog will focus way too much on U2 for the next year or so. I will try not to get carried away like I did with Bruce, but no promises!)

For details you could use Google and find it in a flash, but instead why not visit Jeff at Imagine Echoes, I read it there first and he does a great job with the details.

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bob_vinyl said...

I'm expecting U2 to show Springsteen what it means to continue to release awesome records.

Jessica said...

Awesome news! :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Bob, if I didn't like you I'd have to kick your butt for that comment...but you did get half of it right ;)

Jess, I can not WAIT to see them again. I am getting good seats if I have to sell my car to pay for them!

d.edlen said...

Both of those pictures are the ones I want to paint for you at some point...

Thanks for sending me the blog networks thing on facebook.


Starrlight said...

The cringers can bite my bag! U2 is mah favorite band. I have to say I LOVE the possible title of No Line On The Horizon...or NLOTH as it will be come known.

Time to rejoin the fan club for pre sale tickets!

Speaking of U2, have you read U2 At The End Of The World? IT was awesome.

Gina said...

Hiya Barb(aka sister) !! ;) Ty!!

U2? It's been years since I've attended one of their revivals!!

Good luck with GREAT seats!! :D

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