August 3, 2008

Changed Things Up a Bit

After many, many hours of reformatting I have completed the new look for my old blog "Gone But Not Forgotten". I've added an index and some statistics about how many deaths attributed to either
  • drugs/alcohol
  • natural causes
  • accidents
  • murder/suicide
Would you like to guess which group had the highest number out of 92 deaths?

Also added photos WITH the person's bio rather than in the sidebar and left a place to comment on each of them. It was tedious but hopefully worth it. It means a lot to me.

Its a blog that gives tribute to the many musicians who have died between 1969 and now. I want to keep their memories alive, some you will recognize, some you won't know and some you will notice I have left out - please tell me of anyone I have left out!!! I will add them. Its a labor of love and also, I suppose, another one of my morbid fascinations (death) combined with one of my greatest passions (music).

If you'd like to visit:

1 comment:

Malcolm said...

I like the new layout of "Gone But Not Forgotten". Off the top of my head, here are two artists who aren't on the list:

Mike Smith (lead singer of The Dave Clark Five)

Mariska Veres (leader singer of the band Shocking Blue)

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