August 24, 2008

Concert Moments

“The Rising” coverImage via Wikipedia Do you have any memories of a very specific moment at a concert? I have several. I can hear a song and its like being transported back to that spot. There's a few that I've shared here before, some good (U2) some scary (The Who & The Stones - getting squashed when the crowd rushed) and Van Halen (front row in '81, need I say more?).

But right now I am listening to The Rising. I'll never forget that tour. It was emotional, intense. Still very fun and upbeat most of the time, but Bruce pretty much set the tone for the songs he wrote to honor the memory of those that lost their lives or loved on 9/11.


musicobsessive said...

Actually, one of my fav moments was in my local pub in about 1978, where I'd gone to see an unknown local band play for want of something else to do. About half way through the set who should appear from the wings but Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash! He jammed with them for the remainder of the set to a bemused crowd of about 30 people and it was stunning.

The Rock Brigade Blogger said...

I'll always remember when Our Lady Peace refused to play until an ejected body surfer was brought back to the show.

When I was a teenager I idolized Def Leppard, seeing them play for the first time was special. Base player Rick Savage played up to those of us in front all night including several high fives. It was a great time!

The Rock Brigade Blog

nobody's_fool said...

nope, not really.

The RIpple Effect said...

Like all good rock lovers, I got tons of moments, but perhaps my favorite was when KK Downing shoved his guitar in my face during Metal Gods and I strummed his guitar with my nose.

Yep, it finally paid off having this honker that God gave me.

KK never paid me for the assist, by the way.

The Ripple Effect

Russ/rfduck said...

I'll never forget the first moment Jonny Lang opened his mouth to sing when I saw him a few years ago. His voice will move you.

I'll never forget the way Los Lonely Boys created tension with silence during "Oye Mamacita."

I'll never forget the first time I saw BeauSoleil. It was a beautiful summer evening, and it blew me away to realize they were in the same place I was.

Every concert has a moment like that. That's why live performances are so great.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Obsessive....that's incredible. You were in the right place at the right time.

Jon, Sounds like you had good seats for Def Lep! I always liked Rick S. Its so cool when the band actually interacts with the audience.

NF, I hope someday you do.

Russ, Jonny Lang! I would love to see him live, his voice is one my top five list of favorite voices! Hmm that sounds like a topic for the next post!

drewzepmeister said...

Seeing the Eagles at Alpine Valley in East Troy,WI(1994). My (then)wife and I were dancing to New Kid in Town. Everybody was singing along and good vibes were in the air. Very surreal.


Sitting in 7th row for Aerosmith/Black Crowes at Alpine(1990), watching Steven Tyler dance his butt off.


watching a killer laser light show during La Villa Strangiato at a Rush concert,again,at Alpine Valley(1990).

digitaldrummer said...

A few come to mind. In 1986 I took some buddies to see Metallica at a local ballroom of all places.

Another buddy who went with someone else made three attempts to jump on stage in front of Hetfield. Well, as they say, the third time was the charm. He jumped up in front of James motioned him to step back, a confused Het stood back and before all of us (about 400 people) he sang a verse of Creeping Death before the roadies made a mad dash to toss him off stage.

Another was seeing U2 on the Joshua Tree tour. Bono started singing "Help" accapella then, the band launched right in with him. It was magical.That entire show was just amazing.

Another was seeing Kansas open up for Yes on the "Masterworks" tour in 2000. I saw the show in Kansas City and their was a lot of speculation as to whether or not Kerry Livgren might join his former band mates. He did!

Nice blog you have btw!


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