December 12, 2008

Where The Streets Had Stones Names

"Mick Jagger and Keith Richards will be honored by the Kent town where
they grew up by having 13 new streets named after Rolling Stone song
titles. Dartford Council is currently deliberating what titles to use."

This would be a fun project to work on! What are some names you would choose for these streets?

A few that come to mind:
Bitch Blvd.
Let it Bleed Lane
Angie Avenue
Street Fighting Man Street
Honky Tonk Woman Way
Sister Morphine Circle
Play With Fire Parkway
Midnight Rambler Road


Starrlight said...

Sympathy Circle. Circle being a nod to Dante of course =)

bob_vinyl said...

How about these:

Old Street

Overrated Avenue

Should Have Broken Up in 1973 Road

Not Even in the Same League as the Beatles Boulevard

No Need To Own Anything Other Than Hot Rocks Street

Perplexio said...

I think Stones albums titles work better than song titles for street names:

Goat's Head Soup Circle
Sticky Fingers Drive
Steel Wheels Avenue
A Bigger Bang Blvd.

rockandrollguru said...

How 'bout Metamorphasis Way?

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Starr, of course :)

Bob - LOL!!!!! You kill me.

Darrin, Yes I like those, Goat's Head Soup album cover still freaks me out.....

Guru, That would be hard to fit in one of those little address box things you have to fill in...but cool name.

paul said...

forgive me but what about 'cocksucker crescent'(after cocksucker blues)

Jeff said...

I seem to like Bob's recommendations the most. They fit so well!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Paul, :) good one

Jeff, Bob's comments always make me laugh or get on the defensive, BUT ALWAYS ENTERTAINED, this one cracked me up. The blog world would be a lacking without the Bob Vinyl's of the blogosphere!

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