December 10, 2008

Another Great Night at The Ripple Effect Radio Show

I look forward to every other Wed. night so I can hang with those wild and crazy guys, Racer X and Pope. Tonight they had one of my favorite bloggers as a guest star: The Rock and Roll Guru. This dude is FUNNY. Also - I won a CD! Bigelf....I think that's what its called, I know the word "elf" is in the name of the band.

Next time the show will be on a Monday - Dec. 29 and the guest will be MARKY RAMONE - the last of the original Ramones. Don't miss it! (see my sidebar for the link to the show under "Blog Talk Radio"


Andyexcuse said...

Marky is not an original Ramone. Tommy is the last remaining original.

paul said...

hi barbara, rock revival has finally got its sydney fm show streamed, would you mind advertising this for me i have just posted about it


rockandrollguru said...

The show was hilarious, Layla, particularly our dialog in the chat room. Some interesting topics of conversation. Racer and Pope were a ton of fun.. We're definitely gonna do the show again right before Summerfest.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Andy, thanks for the visit! I am going to add your blog to my links.

Paul, will do!

Guru, you were beyond entertaining, can't wait for next time!

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