December 4, 2008

Gone But Not Forgotten (updated!)

I just spent some time on my other blog "Gone But Not Forgotten" fine-tuning it a bit and making sure I had all my info correct. I think its officially up to date for the very first time ever! But, as always, please feel free to let me know if I have left someone off the list that you would like to see there.

Its stunning to see the toll that drugs and alcohol take on the lives of so many musicians. Some artists can go through long careers without becoming addicted, others get addicted and recover and sadly there are those that die either accidentally overdosing or from the damage of addiction.

Its also sad to note the suicides on the list.

I have several theories on why this is. Maybe I'll write about it later.


Accidents – 17

Drugs/Alcohol – 48

Murder/Suicide – 12

Natural Causes - 47

Accident (atv) (1)

Accident (Car) (5)

Accident (Gun) (1)

Accident (Helicopter) (1)

Accident (Motorcycle) (3)

Accident (Plane) (5)

Accidental Drowning (1)

Alcohol (10)

AIDS (3)

Anorexia (1)

Brain Aneurysm (2)

Cancer (17)

Diabetes (2)

Drug OD (23)

Drug Induced Illness (12)

Heart Condition (2)

Heart Attack (14)

Kidney Failure (1)

Murder (3)

Natural Causes (3)

Pneumonia (3)

Suicide (9)

Tuberculosis (1)

Twisted Intestine (1)


Starrlight said...

Odetta just died as well.

Seano said...

Amazing list....what a heavenly jam going on up there....Just a few you forgot....Papa John Phillips(2001), Jaco Pastorius(1987), Allen Collins Co founder Skynyrd,co wrote Freebird(1990), June Carter Cash(2003), Tim Buckley(Jeff's Dad-1975), Keith Relf(Yardbirds singer(1976), Rob Tyner and Fred Sonic Smith(MC5), all the guys in the NY Dolls: Johnny Thunders(91),Jerry Nolan(92), Arthur"Killer" Kane ('04).....Arthur Lee(Love-2006), Ian Curtis(Joy Division), Stiv Bators(Dead Boys), Gene Clark(founder-Byrds 1991), Hillel Slovak(original Chili Peppers Guitarist-1988), Pete Ham-Badfinger, and Sterling Morrison(Velvet Underground-1995).... you rock! Seano

Malcolm said...

Props to you for trying to keep GBNF updated as best as you can. Here is a link to a photo of John Panozzo of Styx:

whoissecretdubai said...
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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Well Heck....I knew my list would not stay "updated" for long!

Thank you Seano for pointing all these people out. I have a project now!

And thanks Malcolm and Starr too!!!

Bond said...

Amazing research...and I was going to mention Odetta, but Starr beat me to the punch

Perplexio said...

Randy California (Randy Craig Wolfe) 2/20/51-2/2/97 - Randy got his start with Jimmy James and the Blue Flames in the mid-60s as a teenage guitarist. When the stage name was dropped and Jimmy James & the Blue Flames became Jimi Hendrix and his band became The Experience, Randy was invited to join the band on a tour of England. Being under 18, his parents forbid it. Instead his career took a much different path as the guitarist/vocalist of 60s/70s psychedelic band, Spirit. Randy died rescuing his son from a strong undercurrent while swimming in Hawaii. He pushed his son closer to shore away from the pull of the water but was, unfortunately, unable to save himself. Randy was 45.

Perplexio said...

Oh and there's Carlos Vega (session drummer, suicide)), (session drummer, drowning), Warren Wiebe (session vocalist, suicide), Guy McDonnough (guitarist/vocalist with Australian Crawl, viral pneumonia), Paul Hester (drummer for Crowded House, suicide), Brian Macleod (vocalist/drummer/guitarist/producer, Chilliwack & the Headpins, brain cancer), Falco (born Johann Hans Holzel; Austrian pop star, car accident), Baltimora (born Jimmy McShane, known for the hit Tarzan Boy, complications from AIDS)

Starrlight said...

Falco =)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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