December 28, 2008

Truth on Earth, A Review

I really, really wanted to give this CD a good review. The group consists of three teenage sisters. Each beautiful inside and out - and its their hearts that appealed to me because they are not your typical teen group. They follow Ghandi's anti-violence views, they are sensitive to many issues that face teens today such as bullying, anorexia, world hunger, child abuse, etc. I admire their desire to make a difference with their music.

Unfortunately, I found it very difficult to listen to. I'm struggling to find a nice way to put it: they don't have much talent sounds harsh. I'll just say they have potential and passion and hopefully in the future they will produce something more creative and appealing. Their voices grated on my nerves. The lyrics were okay. But the idea behind the music is inspirational.

If anyone would like to give them a listen let me know and I will send you my copy.

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