December 27, 2008

The Best Albums of 2008

What were your top albums of 2008?  Here are mine, and stop by the blogs listed below to see theirs.  Add your link in the comments if you decide to post your list and feel free to include these links too!  Thanks, Steve, at Heavy Metal Addition for including me!!!

In no particuclar order:

  • Back Door Slam - Roll Away
  • The Killers - Day and Age
  • Nikki Six - The Heroin Diaries (Original Soundtrack)
  • Neil Young - Sugar Mountain Live at Cantebury House 1968
  • Big Elf - Cheat the Gallows
  • Kings of Leon - Only by the Night
  • Buckcherry - Black Butterfly
  • The Clash - Live at Shea Staduim
  • O.A.R. - All Sides
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Metal Mark said...

We agreed on one (Big Elf). I liked that Clash album as well, but I don't consider live albums for my best album list.

Starrlight said...

OAR and KOL get a big thumbs up from.

bob_vinyl said...

We agreed on two (Bigelf and the Clash) and you had one I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole (Killers).

carlozzi006 said...

1. Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes
2. The Fireman-Electric Arguments
3. AC/DC-Black Ice
4. MGMT-Oracular Spectacular
5. Death Cab For Cutie-Narrow Stairs
6. Vampire Weekend-Vampire Weekend
7. My Morning Jacket-Evil Urges
8. Coldplay-Viva La Vida

Rhodeislandrock said...

We had none in common but Buckcherry almost made my Top 30 and I'm pulling the Bigelf CD out of the pile as I type because it's showed up on more than a few lists!

Looking forward to your 2009 list!

Heavy Metal Addiction

The RIpple Effect said...

Great to see the Bigelf on your list and even happier that you got it from us!

Can't wait to see you in the chatroom tomorrow with Marky Ramone (monday instead of Wed this week and early start at 7pm)

I got a full set of all Marky music (Dust, Richard Hell, The Ramones) lined up for the show!

Seano said...

I must say its always great to see different lists with a common release included in each(which I have never heard) Big Elf is one I must check out....Cant find it anywhere around here, but I'll keep looking. Like the Kings of Leon, but it still doesn't touch their first album....Neil Young can do no wrong(I even liked Trans). I dig some Buckcherry..but I hear this album is very ballad heavy....can't do the Killers, but I will give Mr. Sixx a wife has the book but I haven't opened it yet because I can't imagine it would top The Dirt(you cannot top The Dirt).....Layla you rock as always and I wish you the best in was great "meeting" you this year...a bright spot for sure........seano

Jeff said...

Looks like I need to check out Big Elf, seeing that it is on practically everyones list but mine. We only had one in common and that was The Killers.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hey Mark, Big Elf was intro'd to me by our buddies The Pope and Racer X :)

Star, cool. You have great taste.

Bob, two is a lot for us!

Mark, I got the Fleet Foxes yesterday and have been listening!

Hey Steve! Thanks for doing this again this year it was fun.

Ripple Guys - I will be there tonight!

Seano - I didn't read "The Dirt" but I HIGHLY recommend "The Heroin Diaries". I am so glad I met you this year too!!!!

Jeff, I am glad I am not the only one who likes The Killers. Let me know what you think of Big Elf.

Malcolm said...

Although my exposure to new music is limited to single tracks as opposed to entire albums, I was lucky enough to get the following 2008 releases in their entirety:

Dion-Heroes: Giants of Early Guitar Rock

Labelle- Back To Now

Raphael Saadiq- The Way I See It

Starrlight said...

Vampire Weekend, Snow Patrol, Duffy, The Whigs, Death Cab for Cutie and Carolina Liar would make my list for the year.

Although the two albums I have listened to the most this year actually came out late 2007 and I rank them as numbers 1 and 2 for my favorite songs of the year. That would be Iron and Wine - Shepard's Dog and Cobra Starship Viva La Cobra =)

David Amulet said...

Nice list. Wasn't Heroin Diaries last year?

I just posted my best/worst of annual list. Buckcherry almost made my runners-up list for best album, but not quite. And you again have a place on my list this year.

Happy New Year!

Rick Mayer said...

1. Kings of Leon - Only By The Night
2. Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Terminal Romance
3. City & Colour - Bring Me Your Love
4. Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely
5. City & Colour - Viva La Vida

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