December 16, 2008

I love Chrissie Hynde! But.....???

I've been a fan of The Pretenders since they debuted back in '79. She got my attention with "Stop Your Sobbing" and totally had me with "Brass in Pocket".

I love her because she is one of only a handful of females that I consider true rock and rollers. She's got that edginess about her that says she's not just some chick in front of a band that can sing and look good. She IS the band, the songs are HERS she's about the the MUSIC not about being a female that can sing and look sexy with a mic, or some dipsy gypsy in long skirts or some wanna-be hard ass in black leather. No, Chrissie is above and beyond all that just by being herself and being talented.

Sadly her band went through some hellish times losing two members within a year - both to drug overdose. But since she IS the band, she kept going and although I can't say I've ever loved anything quite as much as that first album, she still rocks.

I have the opportunity to see them at a SMALL VENUE (Indian Casino) in March. Can I let this pass me by? I don't know....

The only seats left are in the back, Section D, back rows, far left seats. I need to decide soon.

Trivia questions about The Pretenders/Chrissie:

Where was she born and raised?
What college did she go to and what was it famous for?
(Hint: she sings about these things...)

Who wrote Stop Your Sobbin?
(Hint: a guy she was dating at the time famous for his own band)

What are the names of the two original members that both died in June 82 and April 83?

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carlozzi006 said...

Without cheating I know a couple answers:

She was born in Akron, Ohio (I know this because I live in Youngstown, Ohio which is about 40 minutes away).

She went to Kent State (another thing I know because of my Ohio roots) which is famous for the 1970 shootings.

Stop Your Sobbing was originally an early Kinks song.

Not sure of the names of the two band members who died though.

Charlie said...

No cheating here either. Ray Davies wrote "Stop Your Sobbing." Chrissie was dating him at the time. Pete Farndon and James Honeyman-Scott were the 2 band members who died within a few months of each other. I know she is from Ohio and my favorite Pretenders song is "My City Was Gone." Too bad Rush Limbaugh ruined by using it as his theme.

Rockandrollguru said...

It's Chrissy Hynde! Ya gotta go, Layla. They're doing a couple shows here in Milwaukee in February as the tour makes it across the country. If I'm in town that's a can't miss show.

Jessica said...

Don't know the answers--but you should go!! I've seen them..really good show! :) You are RIGHT she is a true rock and roller!

David Amulet said...

Has anyone else dated both Ray Davies and Jim Kerr??

Malcolm said...

If the price is right, I think you should go see The Pretenders. As for your trivia questions:

1. I knew it was in OH, but I was thinking Cleveland until I saw Carlozzi's correct answer of Akron.

2. ?

3. Ray Davies of The Kinks

4. James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon

By the way, was your "some dipsy gypsy in long skirts" reference a shot at Stevie Nicks? Just curious. :-)

Anonymous said...


Cris Cohen said...

Back in '94, the Pretenders released a single. Printed on the jacket was "Chrissie Hynde's Advice to Chick Rockers". Have you ever come across that? It was both interesting and funny.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Cris - THANK YOU! I forgot about this!!

Binky said...

Chrissie was not dating Ray Davies at the time she recorded Stop Your Sobbing. They hadn't even met! Since the single was released in Jan 1979 I guess it was recorded in 1978. She didn't meet Ray until the Pretenders US tour in 1980.

Barbara said...


Thanks for your input. I am guessing your a fan and know your stuff, I read that they were together but that could have been wrong! :)

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