December 19, 2008

End of Year Music

1. I am trying desperately to figure out what my "top albums of 2008" are so I can participate in an annual post over at Steve's site, Heavy Metal Addiction. I don't listen to Heavy Metal much so my list will seem a bit mild over there, but that's the beauty of diversity :)

2. I get offers to review CDs or DVDs almost daily. I am picky about it because I don't have the time to do many, so I only say yes to music that truly excites me. But there are about 8 that never showed up in my mailbox :( I was really looking forward to them. I wonder what happened.

3. Concerts of 2008 - I only went to one all year. ONE. UNO. That would be depressing but it was Bruce - need I say more?

4. Speaking of Mr. Springsteen, I predict he is going to win another Oscar this year for "The Wrestler". I can't wait to watch him him recieve his award. Trivia: does anyone know who was sitting next to Bruce at the Academy Awards when he won for "Streets of Philadelphia"?

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musicobsessive said...

Only one gig eh? Well, that's one more than me! I am currently trying to reconstruct a list of all the gigs I've been to since my first in 1972 but it's proving a real tester - up to 86 so far but I'm sure there are others I've forgotten about.

Album of the year? The Ting Tings.

chez bez said...

That trailer gave me goosebumps. I can't wait to see The Wrestler.

Oh, and I got the Scaggs CD yesterday. I'll give it a listen today. Thanks!

carlozzi006 said...

I've only been to one concert too, and I'm kind of bummed I didn't go to more. At least it was Tom Petty with Stevie Winwood opening for him.

My top albums of the year:
1. Fleet Foxes by the Fleet Foxes
2. Electric Arguments by The Fireman
3. Oracular Spectacular by MGMT
4. Narrow Stairs by Death Cab For Cutie
5. Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend

Seano said...

I'm gonna say Bruce was sitting next to Julianne Phillips when he won the oscar....if my photographic memory serves me well. Habby holidays to youand yours, Seano

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