July 3, 2007

Jim Morrison Died 34 Years Ago Today

We've all heard the story a hundred times....but here it is again today for anyone interested. (Taken from Wikipedia)

Jim Morrison's grave at Père-Lachaise.
Jim Morrison's grave at Père-Lachaise.

Morrison moved to Paris in March 1971, taking up residence in an apartment at 17 rue Beautreillis. Once in Paris, Morrison lost a great deal of weight and shaved off his beard (although his last photographs show a considerable amount of bloating -- a classic symptom of congestive heart failure). By all accounts he became very depressed while in Paris, but he admired the city's architecture.

He died on July 3, 1971, at age 27, and was found in his bathtub by (Pamels) Courson. Reports stated that he had dried blood around his mouth and nose and large bruising on his chest.[citation needed] Pursuant to French law, no autopsy was performed because the medical examiner found no evidence of foul play. The absence of an official autopsy has left many questions regarding Morrison's cause of death.

In Wonderland Avenue, Danny Sugerman discussed his encounter with Courson after she returned to the United States. According to his account, Courson stated that Morrison had died of a heroin overdose. Courson said that Morrison inhaled the substance because he thought it was cocaine. Sugerman added that Courson had given numerous contradictory versions of Morrison's death, but the majority of fans seem to have accepted the mistaken heroin overdose account. Courson herself died of a heroin overdose a few years later. Like Morrison, she was 27 years old at the time of her death.


bob_vinyl said...

I remember there being something of a myth about Jim Morrison faking his death. He was always a bit of a mystery in life even, so I suppose it's no surprise that there's a mystery to his death as well.

This isn't quite what I remember, but it is pretty funny.

Bruce said...

Long live the Lizard King...

David Amulet said...

I'll stick with the story in "No One Here Gets Out Alive," still a great book after all these years: We don't know, and we'll never know, how he died.

-- david

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