July 24, 2007

Great Cover of Comfortably Numb AND Eddie Van Halen Replica Guitar!

For a really good video go check out Bruce's blog. I'll let you read the details there. I am too tired to write!

Also, below is a good video interview with Eddie Van Halen talking about the replica of his guitar. Did you know his guitar is modeled after a cross between a Gibson and a Fender? Did you guys know he MADE that guitar himself?

If you are a guitar player, I think you'll enjoy listening to him talk about this! I have to admit I didn't understand a lot of his guitar lingo!

I found this over on Real Rock News.


Bond said...

have to come back later...can't see the video here at work...hope you are well

Wonder Boy said...

I did know that Eddie built that guitar but the video is very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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