July 13, 2007

Donovan Frankenreiter

Do any of you listen to him? I like his music a lot, just started listening to him recently and just discovered today that he's a local to here - grew up in the next town over and surfs right where I go to the beach. Maybe I know him and don't know it :)

Donovan is a surfer/musician, his music is kind of mellow, not surfer-ish though. If you get a chance to listen to any of his music let me know if you like it. Here's his myspace music page to give you a taste of it.


tillanya said...

hey layla donovan is a friend of mine i only found out today that he is famous he said i would get a nice suprise but "wow" he is one of the sweetest fellas who new such a big world could be so small.
if you have any of dos music could you please send it to me @ thekangagirlcalledtillanya@yahoo.com.au thanks peace out

Jessica said...

Love him, love him, love him!! :)

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