April 13, 2009

Springsteen Rumors and Cheap Seats for Sale for 4/15!

Bruce will be in LA on 4/15 & 16 for shows, then there's a huge gap in his schedule till his next show on 4/21. Rumor has it that:

1. He make make a surprise appearance at Coachella!!!

2. He WILL make a surprise appearance at The Danny Federici Memorial Fund Show at The Troubador on the 19th. Its sold out or I'd be there....its a SMALL venue, tickets are $15 and you know, Know, KNOW that Bruce will show up!

In other news....I got BETTER seats for this weeks show at LOWER price than I paid for the other ones!!!!

So...I am selling my pair for 4/15 (this Wed!) CHEAP, may even give them away at the last minute. Spread the word if you know anyone who may want them!


matt said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the Boss at Bonnaroo! Perhaps Chicago as well...and Cleveland eventually when he schedules a date!

Bond said...

Hopping on a plane...OH how I wish that were true

Starrlight said...

Coachella could use the Boss since Amy had to bail. To pay bail most likely ;)

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