April 26, 2009

Jane's Addiction CD to Give Away

Jane's Addiction  has a new three-CD box set full of unreleased music and videos that will most certainly thrill JA fans.  I was given the CD to review with a sampling of songs and have two of them I'd like to give one away to the first person who asks (DG - I reserved one for you).
I am not a huge fan of the band so it's hard to give it a review, but from what I've read most people are giving it high ratings.  RS was not impressed, but I don't really listen to them that much these days.

The Canadian Press had this to say:

"It's a celebration of the band's influence on music and pop culture. Open the "Cabinet of Curiosities" and you will find three CDs of music (mostly unreleased demos and live recordings), a DVD of music videos and personal footage from the band, a booklet that tells their story in words and pictures, trading cards featuring the four original members and four tiny worry dolls.

The visuals are great but the music is better: A total of 43 tracks, almost all previously unreleased.  

Taken together, "A Cabinet of Curiosities" is an immersive trip down memory lane with one of the most influential bands of the late '80s. With a collection this comprehensive, there's no need for the worry dolls."


Plochmann said...

Love the band. One band I'd love to see live. The new tour w/ NIN (who I saw w/ David Bowie in the late '90s) is so cool. Love to get a listen.

Mike Hayward

Plochmann said...

Oh...& Barbara (aka Layle)...you rock.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hey Mike (aka Plochmann) you rock too! If you email me your address I'll send you the CD. It only has 10 songs on it, its a sampler, but will give you a taste. Its got a great version of "LA Woman".

Bond said...

Not a fan ....

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