April 16, 2009

Dang, I missed a great show!

According to his official site, Bruce's show last night was the best of the tour so far. I noticed by comparing the set list he wrote down to what he actually played that he switched it up a lot, his band is awesome they are constantly on their toes, aware that The Boss could change plans with only a moments notice.

Here is what he wrote down on the set list (click to enlarge):

Here is what they actually played:

Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Outlaw Pete
Out In The Street
Working on A Dream
Johnny 99
The Ghost Of Tom Joad
I'm Going Down
Raise Your Hand
Spirit In The Night
Waiting On A Sunny Day
Promised Land
The Wrestler
Racing In The Streets
Kingdom Of Days
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born To Run

Hard Times
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Land Of Hope And Dreams
American Land

NOTE:   Last year when we saw him in LA Tom Morello showed up to play Ghost of Tom Joad with Bruce.  It was one of the top five great Springsteen concert memories I have.  If you've ever seen Morello's guitar style - its very unique.  I was mesmerized.  My sister wasn't that impressed.  Well Tom showed up again last night so I don't think he'll be there again tonight....but I can hope!


Jeff said...

I can never get enough of Rage Against the Machine's version of The Ghost of Tom Joad. I would have loved to have seen him perform that with Bruce. Must have been great!

Plochmann said...

Tom is an amazing artist. Definitely a unique pairing.

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