April 6, 2009

I Got Them!



After getting seats (see below) I immediately got back in line on Ticketmaster to try and get even better seats at the HIGH price. I thought, no way will I get them. I waited 24 minutes and up popped a pair of great seats...I called my sister and said "T, do you want to pay $96 for good seats or $251 for great seats?" she said "you only live once, get the good seats and we'll sell the others". So now I have these seats:

Lower Level Section 7, Row 5, Seats 13 - 14

My sis has lots more $$ than I do but still, it is her generosity at paying the majority of this that allows me to go! I wish everyone had a sister like her! I LOVE YOU, THERESE!

Earlier post:

Man, I was lucky. I hit "find tickets" the exact moment they went on sale and four minutes later had my seats. Then I tried again to get two more (you can never have too many) but here I am 20 minutes later and still waiting.

The question is, are these good seats? I think they are but its hard to tell exactly from their seating chart:We are in Section 1-H, Row 32, Seats 101 - 102. I have tried viewing seating charts and can't tell if I have good seats or great seats but dang it I ain't complaining! I GOT TICKETS!

Jeff, I am so sorry you didn't. Starr???? What's up girl? Fill me in, did you get tickets?


Jeff said...

Good to hear that you got tickets! I hope the seats are good.

Fred said...

Way to go sis!

Dan said...

Enjoy the show. It will be great because you will be there with family. Congrats.

BeckEye said...

Nice! They look like pretty good seats.

Plochmann said...

Very cool. U2 just played near us @ a private show in Somerville, MA. Great old opera house where we once caught Jakob Dylan & T-Bone Burnett.

Mike Hayward

Sean Coleman said...

That's awesome. Excellent seats, too.

bestofclassicrock.com said...

When it's a band that I "love" I will always pop for the spendy tickets.

Look at this way-

Say you are at the concert and you have crappy seats. A guy walks up and he's got GREAT seats and he tells you hey, for $100 I'll trade you, would you do it?

I'd usually say yes so I figure I might as well spend the cash up ahead of time to be up front.

powerleg5 said...

Congratulations on your successful ticket venture. U2 is one of the bands that is not on my resume of attended concerts but that could always change and I hope it does.
Enjoy the show!

Bond said...


Dr. Deb said...

Oh, you lucky duck!

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