April 29, 2009

Don't Miss Sean and Bang Camaro TONIGHT

I don't have "favorite blogs", but if I did, one of my favorites would be "Circle of Fits".


Because Sean Barry is a phenomenal writer with a passion for rock music, a deep beautiful love for his wife and son, and a heart that knows the depths of loss and pain. Plus he's funny, cute and underneath his "tough guy exterior" he's a sweetie pie. Apparently he can sing as well, we'll see because he makes his nationwide TV debut - tonight!

You can catch him at midnight on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show!!! They filmed it here last week as his band, Bang Camaro, ended a 6 week tour across the country...12 guys in a van - 6 weeks. Wow.

I could have met Sean in person last week when BC played The Viper Room, but I was too nervous to make the trek up to LA and actually walk into that place alone. After hearing his description of it, I am feel justified in my fear -

"Inside it's dark. Darker than the night outside on the Sunset Strip...foreboding and ominous. There were thug like ghosts,spirits of vulturous cretins awaiting our arrival, in pounce mode. When our contact/stage manager at the club met us inside, he showed us to what might be considered a green room. But he called it Johnny's room and said Unspeakable things have happened in here, unspeakable.
The stage was small, jutting out in a semi circle, surrounded by a black curtain..that closed around the bands in between sets..for secrets to be exchanged, rules to be broken. We went on after another tip top performance by Leslie and a fine band from Jersey called The Parlor Mob. This was the last show of the tour ...a performance percolating from the culmination of emotions, road residue, exhaustion, tour stop peaks and valleys and hard earned recognition. We were feeling the pressure....we were preparing the final release. The crowd was a packed in mix of LA's finest tattooed service industry turned rock wannabe folks, gamers who had traveled from two states away, and guest list fans.
We gave it our all and purged demons that drove the ghost of every back room drug dealer or bad businessman that inhabited that space right the fuck out of there.
Bang Camaro brought the faithful to fever and entranced those on their fences.
After the show, Alex was approached by a slightly portly blonde gentleman who introduced himself as Tom Zutaut, who said he really liked the band and what we were doing with it. For those of you who don't know rock like Alex and I know rock....Tom Zutaut signed Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue to major labels. He's probably a good person to know. We will see...."

Back in my LA Club Days I often went to The Whiskey, The Roxy and The Trubadour, I have shared some of my some great rock and roll memories of that era on this blog in the past.

(the 80's). But the me of today is not the same girl and to be honest, The Viper Room intimidates the heck out of me - I mean what would I wear? I have nothing "LA-ish" in my current wardrobe of mostly jeans.

One last thing I will share from Sean's blog is about the hotel he didn't stay in. I DID stay there once just to say I was at the same hotel as certain rock legends. Check it out:

(Palm trees for Drew)

"This used to be the Hollywood Hyatt where John Bonham rode a motorcycle down the halls of the sixth floor, Keith Richard threw a TV out the window of room 1015, Robert Plant raised his arms out on a balcony overlooking Hollywood exclaiming "I am a Golden God" and Jim Morrison hung out of windows. But the hotel in Culver City was closer to LAX where I was to fly out from in mere hours. Besides, they enclosed the balconies in glass, renovated and renamed the place to attract anything but rock stars. Fuck That Noise! I stood outside the van in front of the hotel and closed my eyes hoping that when I opened them, it would be 1975 and I would have sideburns and bell bottoms to die for as I entered the RH's famous halls. Instead I found myself half asleep and ready to get back in the van."
Seano - I am glad you made it home safely and I know your wife and son are thrilled to have you back, that must have been one sweet reunion! Thanks for sharing your journey on your blog. I see a book...or possibly even a made for TV movie :)


Dan said...

Sounds cool.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

It will be great. Sittin here way past my bedtime waiting to watch :)

Bond said...

Missed the post yesterday. How were they?

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