April 20, 2007

Say It Isn't So!

The other day I ran across something in the news that I chose to ignore. But then today I read this on my friend's blog: Isaiah Knows Nothing.

(I'll just copy what he said, but you should visit his blog sometimes, its very calming and uplifting.)
"Please, someone wake me up and say that Bono & the Edge aren't really writing the music & lyrics for Broadway's Spiderman: The Musical! Now, Springsteen will pop up soon on TV singing his heart out for American Express or Ford... wait and see.

When I first started cringing with fear after Michael Jackson bought the Beatles Catalogue it was some time before my heroes (not that Michael Jackson was ever one of them) started selling off their catalogues for cash-olla. Hearing a Beatles tune to sell shoes, financial advice…and Target brand merchandise turns one’s stomach. The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Sir Paul, even Bob Dylan have sold their music for cars, TV programs, credit cards, financial firms, etc. Who would have ever thought?

When U2 turned down money from Apple a few years back to partake in the i-pod campaign… I thought that was class. Fitting with what one would expect U2 to do.

Spiderman? Bono, the Edge? I just don’t get it."

My comment back:

Man...when I saw this in a news article I ignored it, I just didn't want it to be true, its just..weird. They must have some good humanitarian excuse for doing it right???

So far Bruce is one of the FEW that has not given in and sold his music for commercial reasons and he darn well better not! It's very disturbing to hear Zeppelin, The Who, etc. etc. selling cars and stuff :(


David Amulet said...

What's next, some amazing prog drummer from the 1970s going schlock and doing the sappy soundtrack to some crappy cartoon movie?

Oh shit, Phil Collins already did that.

- david

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Good one, Amulet!

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