April 13, 2007

Beatles studio film - Hey Bulldog

I highly recommend this video! If you watch, pay attention to the details, the nuances, the way John and Paul share the mic, how serious George seems on the bass, how Ringo is wearing a tie! Notice how damn good they sounded together and how much fun they seemed to have as the music just naturally flowed. You won't be able NOT to notice John's sideburns. I loved this video. I loved seeing them so young and un-jaded by all the things that happened later....


rock_of_ages said...

Nice video - Paul always maintained that they were 'a great little rock band'. This proves it - shame all the other stuff got in the way but what a legacy!!!


Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I'll be keeping an eye out

Zep said...

Ah, that one's from the Anthology. Times are changing, but the Beatles are bigger than fashion.
I'm really glad I could 'convince' my daughter into being a Beatles-fan!

Timothy said...


Love the Beatles but this is actually a comment I should have made on your earlier post about the Beach Boys.

Have you heard Brian Wilson's Smile album? He got together with some musicians and completed what was meant to be his masterpiece.
Check it out it is quite uplifting and bright spot in the sad Beach Boys story. I have a live performance of it at Carnegie Hall
that is great.

Mike said...

The Beatles are one of the only bands that I feel really had talent on every album.

Wonder Boy said...

Layla these are my guys. I don't know how to link this to my November 21 post which explains why the Beatles became so and remain so special to me. They opened up the world of music for me.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Bill, Paul was right :)

Ray, you do that.

Timothy, someone else told me about that too! I need to check it out.

Mike, I think you're right!

Wonder, I will link to you on that in a day or two if you want. I linked to you today on your post...it was excellent.

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