April 25, 2007

Jeff Beck on American Idol

Well two "out of the ordinary" things are happening as I type this.

The first, I am actually watching American Idol AND I have a wireless connection! The show, if you haven't heard, is a special edition that's all about giving back and its actually really good! I really like some of the people they have on the show, and of course my close personal friend, Bono, is going to show up too.

It's awesome that FINALLY more people are taking notice of the poverty and need around us. Do you every worry that you won't have enough food or a roof over your head? If not, please consider how much you can spare to help someone who does have those concerns. We are really blessed. My charities of choice are

The Little Red Wagon Foundation
- this organization was started and is run by a NINE year old boy, watch his video, cry, open your heart and then give what you can. Even a little bit helps a lot. All the money goes to homeless kids here in the US.

The One Campaign I'm sure you are all familiar with this one.

p.s. i think Jack Black is really cute


santa said...

good blog and feel free in visiting my blog

Mike said...

I thought the whole Elvis thing was cool.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Santa, i will visit you for sure.

HI MIKE! How's your wife feeling? Any morning sickness? The Elvis thing was VERY cool. I cried. I just wish they would have picked someone else to sing with him. My sister thought Celine was a good match, but I guess I wanted it to be...me :)

Anonymous said...

Jack Black is a stone cold fox.

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