March 12, 2007


June 13th, about 10 mins from my house at a great outdoor venue, Roger Waters will be perfomring Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety. As happy as I am about this - it still irks me that him and David Glimore can't see past their differences to give us all one last chance to hear Pink Floyd.

I have to go! I need to find someone to go with me. How come all my music friends are so far away? I'll buy your ticket if you fly out here to watch it with me...any takers? Becky? Urbs? Jeff? Bruce? David?


Mike said...

I saw him do this outside last year. It was great! You should definately go!

Layla said...

Thanks, Mike! I plan to if I can get someone to go with me!!! Or, I could go alone, that wouldn't be that bad actually.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Oh, what the hell...I'm on the east coast, but I'll jet on out! :)

David Amulet said...

Sorry, just got back to your blog. I am so pissed at Roger and David not getting together that I won't put another cent into their egomaniac coffers.

But I don't think you'll have much trouble getting a date for the show!

-- david

Layla said...

Ray, I would love it if you flew out!

I'll let ya know.

David, I hear ya...but I did it anyhow. And thanks, you're right I already have a couple dates to choose from, when it rains it pours.

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