March 2, 2007

I'm Old and Boring These Days

I've been in a funk. This blog has been boring lately. I'm very bummed that Van Halen is not touring - that would have been such a trip seeing DLR front them again after all these years. I was looking forward to it. So to make up for one rockin concert, I am going to see two small, intimate and mellow concerts: This is why I know I am getting old. Dave Mason? Ambrosia is a great band and I have always loved them. But, Dave Mason? Nothing against the guy its just not my typical choice. Both bands are playing at The Coach House (not together on the same night - that would be nice though).

Also playing at this wonderful yet seriously uncomfortable venue is a Van Halen cover band, The Atomic Punks. I just happen to know "David Lee Roth" (Ralph Saenz) from high school so it would be a kick to see him perform. One nice thing about seeing the Punks vs. the real VH is that unlike David, Ralph is still HOT!

Maybe I can get my sis to go with me.
I really, really need some good live ROCK. My son won't allow me to go see Rage Against the Machine with him - imagine that, a 16 year old boy not wanting his radically cool mom with him at a concert? I don't get it.


David Amulet said...

I'm not buying the old and boring thing. Sorry.

Here's something you might like: I just heard that Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades will be touring for their new--and the first VH1 Classic label-released--album, Influence. If they come to your area, it could be fun ... on the album are their versions of great classic rock songs like Time of the Season, Your Move, Lucky Man, Dirty Work, and For What It's Worth!

-- david

Layla said...

David, I'd give you a kiss if you were still wearing that cool Crow outfit...but thank you without a kiss for some good news. Living where I do, they will most likely make a stop here on their tour!!

Guitarman5150 said...
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