March 6, 2007

How Far Would You Fly?

I was invited to go see the Goo Goo Dolls at a small club in Hollywood for a private concert - for free. It's for a charity and is by invite only. I was jazzed to get such a nice offer, but I'm not going because, they just don't do much for me (other than "Iris").

BUT - there is a woman flying here from SWITZERLAND to attend this. She is obsessed with the band and this is her chance to see them up close and possibly meet them. She's paying airfare, lodging, car rental plus $200 bucks for the ticket. I had to ask myself: Would I do this for U2 or Bruce (my personal faves)?

I'll tell you my answer if you tell me yours!

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Just Johnny Fan said...

I've done this for the Goo Goo Dolls. They performed for the Oxygen network in NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom in 2003 by invite only. I live in California but I had randomly sent an email to Oxygen asking if I could be a VIP. A week before the scheduled show, a producer wrote to me and said "Yes" and provided me with many levels of ticket details. It wasn't a hoax. After regaining my composure, I booked a ticket and hotel and went with my boyfriend for a long weekend. I thought I would have the opportunity to meet Johnny, but it never materialized.

I love U2 and Bruce as well. You should check out the dolls sometime in a small, live venue. I saw them at the Fillmore in SF over 10 years ago and they took my head off with how hard they work on stage and how humble they are. Plus, Johnny's got the rockstar X factor going. Get within a few feet of the stage and your heart will melt when he flashes those baby blues and that smile from under that shaggy cut. Coupled with his scratchy vocals, colorful tats and catchy lyrics ... need I say more? He's absolutely gorgeous.

Layla said...

Well, I certainly agree with that! Maybe I need to re-thing going just so I can melt a bit. :) Thanks for this comment!

Bruce said...

I'd go pretty much anywhere in North America to see either Rush or Queensryche. Problem is, the tix cost almost as much as airfare these days. ;-)

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