March 5, 2007

Goodbye to Billy Thorpe

Australian rock legend, Billy Thorpe, died of a heart attack on 2/28/07. I must admit, I had never heard of him, but after reading about him today I wish I would have. My good friend in Oz mentioned Billy to me so I've spent some time reading the Aussie news, a huge loss is being felt there.

This may sound strange, but my sister and I have been fans of Bruce Springsteen since we were kids and sometimes we talk about what it will be like when he dies (assuming we outlive him). Its going to be a heartbreaking day for us, like losing a life-long companion. So my empathy goes out for the fans of Billy Thorpe. I hope they can comfort each other as they reminisce of all their great memories of a "true child of rock n roll".

This tribute seems to summarize what all the others said:

by Glenn Shorrock

Former frontman of the the Little River Band, Glenn Shorrock also paid tribute to Thorpe, who was a "true child of rock'n'roll", he said.

"Billy was an uncompromising heavy metal fan - he played louder and higher than anyone and he lived his life that way. He was a true child of rock'n'roll."

He was a man whose joie de vivre affected all around him, Shorrock said.

"[He had the] metabolism of an elephant, uncompromising in his approach to his music and his life.

"[He was] sartorially elegant - he always presented himself immaculately everywhere he went, and a wonderful sense of humour."

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