March 21, 2007

Patti Smith

Jeff at Imagine Echoes has an excellent post about Patti. I highly recommend that you check it out, here is an excerpt:

It’s about time she (Patti Smith) was inducted because as I said before, her attitude and passion is what Rock N Roll is all about. Contrary to popular belief Rock N Roll is not about sex and drugs. It is about rebellion, passion, breaking free from social norms and letting loose and leaving all of your cares behind. Patti Smith fits into each and every one of those categories. Her lyrics were bitter and socially active; she pushed boundaries and shocked those who listened to her. Her appearance wasn’t that of a model, she went out without putting a brush in her hair and without wearing designer clothes. Her sound was raw and her stage appearance was like an animal, she ripped and tore her away across every inch of the stage and commanded your eyes and ears.

So, in celebration of this true icon of rock - go out and buy her new album that is coming out on April 24 entitled "Twelve". It has covers of these songs and she collaborates with an interesting mix of musicians for each recording:

Track Listing

1. Are You Experienced?

2. Everybody Wants To Rule The World

3. Helpless

4. Gimme Shelter

5. Within You Without You

6. White Rabbit

7. Changing Of The Guards

8. The Boy In The Bubble

9. Soul Kitchen

10. Smells Like Teen Spirit

11. Midnight Rider

12. Pastime Paradise


David Amulet said...

What an interesting mix--everything from George's Beatles (always the soul of the group) to Nirvana.


-- david

Jeff said...

This should be interesting and Thanks For the Link!

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

that's so damned weird...I mention Patti in the earlier response and ye bang, here she is!

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